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Workplace Orientation

Organizations are faced with several issues when they hire new employees. Skill building, developing process knowledge, creating awareness for quality, and cost are but a few of these issues. An organization is also faced with developing an employee's understanding of the culture and rules of a new environment. Typically, employee orientation programs focus too much on the specifics of policies, rules, and benefit-related topics and too little on equally important topics such as learning the organization's values and individual job skills.

CESD believes in implementing a workplace orientation rather than an employee orientation training program. Building upon an employee's understanding of the organization's culture is what builds a foundation that fosters further organizational development and commitment. Getting employees involved in organizational planning is more beneficial than only educating them about specific rules.

CESD helps work with organizations to customize their workplace orientation training to suite their specific needs. For example, at some facilities, new employees need to be taught particular skills to learn their jobs more quickly.

CESD encourages support from an organization's leadership in conveying important cultural values to new trainees as well as rules and benefit-related knowledge.

Some advantages to workplace orientation:

  • New employees can develop an understanding of organizational core values and see how they are lived in the workplace.

  • Integrating policies, organizational values, background, and history help new employees develop an awareness of how the organization functions.

Organizational perspectives are made clear and employee expectations are well defined.